Friday, August 19, 2011

Meeting The Transgenders - PART 2/2

This song is originally posted on the 29th of May 2011

The other transgender we interviewed was Betty (not her real name):

Above is the recorded interview with Betty. Alternatively, read a short writeup below regarding the highlights of the interview.

Betty is a transgender. For a living, Betty is a sex worker who stands by the streets to wait for customers. Betty began realizing that she was a transgender at 15. Once the family found out that Betty was a “lady-boy”, her family members did not accept her and began rejecting her.

However, Betty is happy being a “lady-boy” because that is her own choice and she has found many friends that have accepted her as who she is.

Betty likes to work in other industries such as being a promoter but she is unable to do it because many of the bosses are unwilling to accept her long hair.

According to Betty, sex work is good for her because she can get easy money. She can earn around 100 Ringgit per day for her job in the sex industry.  Betty sees no problem in doing this job in the long run because she views it as a job like everyone else.

In fact, Betty is a shy person by nature. Luckily, she has very good customers who do not physically abuse her, unlike some of her fellow counterparts.

In the future, Betty aspires to be a successful person who owns a house and a car.


It was quite heartwarming to hear Amy and Betty share their stories with us. Just like us, Betty is also someone who wants a good life and aspires to be a successful person. However, because of her transgender issue, she has faced many difficulties in landing other jobs and is also being rejected by her family. She is unable and unwilling to get married, fearing that more people will reject her.

Nonetheless, she did not give up on herself and has persevered on in hope to lead a better life. We hope that we will be able to convince Betty to take up the opportunity to engage in the data entry project, so that she can make a living through this new skill. And hopefully, in the years to come, she will be able to fulfill her dreams one day :)

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