Tuesday, November 1, 2011

King Mang's Blog Post

Hi readers, I'm King Mang, the one who "was too young to understand what's the disease all about" (the youtube video remember?) That's me, and I think I look a bit .... different in my photo.

Me - King Mang, or Moon

Let's see, I was asked to type about my life a little bit. So instead of typing long long essay that may lull you to sleep, I think I shall just post pictures of myself while telling my story. I'll try to keep the sentences short. :)

Okie, begin with a picture of the young me, the times where I had the disease. When I say I was too young to know about the disease, I'm telling the truth. I had the disease by the day I finally had my brain cells connected together (well, it's when I finally started to have memory). So the 1st ever scene that I could remembered, I was visiting a doctor and the story begins.

Best friends when primary 3, STILL best friends until now. :D

I didn't really attend my Kindergarden; and for Primary time, I think ... I attended 3-4years. I took leaves a lot, for doctor appointments and sometimes hospitalization. I often being ridiculed of my less hair when primary 1; (I had less hair and looked fat because of medical treatment). But I enjoyed my childhood, I remembered my teachers who took their efforts to slowly explain to other children who barely know why was I different from others, and my friends who played with me (and even until now we're still best friends).

That's me and my younger sister during primary 5, fat, but cute. HAHA!

My mom always tell me that I'm as normal as other kids, I won't get special treatment just because I'm a little bit not so strong as others; in fact, I will still get punished if I am at fault, I still need to attend classes to get educated and yes, sometimes it's kinda exhausting when every time after hospitalization, I'd need go to back to school the next day for exams that I had missed.
But... to my family, this is necessary. In their p.o.v, the best way of treating me is to treat me like normal, not by treating me like treating a patient, nor pampered me more because I was ill. I was never allowed to neglect my studies just because I was ill.

I am grateful because I am one of the lucky ones in the case. My health got better during Secondary and maintained till now. I was very, very active in co-curriculum. I went sports, school societies, outdoor activities, sport march and any other kind of students activities you could think of.

Showing off to some of my colleagues :P

As what photo tells, yes, I love music. But I don't have the opportunity to plant my feet in it when young because I was too ill to attend music classes. So when I grew older and my health got maintained, I grab my opportunity when there is an opportunity. I tried to pick up my guitar skill by working part time so that I can earn fees for guitar classes. So when I finally picked up the base, I went on my own for the rest of the skills. So yeah, I could play a song or 2 of my favorites by now, just a song or 2 ...but better than nothing right? :)

I'm just like any other humans, I have my low moments too when life didn't go as I planned. I might had hid myself from the reality before, thinking why is the world isn't fair to its kids, but hey, after storm there is always rainbow. This is how I re-motivate myself every single time I fell.

Random photo I took it when I am studying for my exams.
Titled: "smile to your tear"

Well, I guess I've been talking too much about my past. :)

By chance I get to be part of this project. I was happy because I was given this opportunity. I learned that not everyone of them was as lucky as me, some of them were too ill to go to school, to get educated or things as so. But this great project, has helped them to earn their living on their own with their both hands, to earn back their confidence, and let them know that they are useful in many ways.

What's even greater, training provided. They teach us from toe to head, from A to Z, from 1 to infinity. Even if some of us are not as good as in using technologies, they train us, patiently teach us, spent time with us.

I mean, how great is that? No more looking down, no more discrimination.

"You don't know? Never mind I teach you!"; confidence earned.

Great patience, great people, great project.

My workstation is just plain simple. I have one laptop at home, and I use it for all jobs. I usually sit at my living room, and begin my work until I am a bit bored or tired, then take a moment break, and continue again. I was trained to type fast in order to finish my work fast. So usually I'll be only looking at one side of my screen (where the name cards located) and the other side is where the typing take place.

My screen: one side name cards, another side is where the typing take place

I don't know how to describe my gratitude but ... many thanks to this project.
It's so meaningful.






Before I sign off, always remember ...

" When life lets you down, don't let life down. "

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